Sardinia, a land full of contrasts, of thousands traditional costumes and beautiful jewels, authentic landscapes and food, precious heritage of traditions and values. Wild and pristine nature among the remains of archaeological sites mindful of a great past, rich of values transmitted by traditions.
Sardinia, magical land of intense poetry, polychrome sea water, white beaches, pinewoods, cliffs, mines, nuragic fortresses, wild horses, a journey made of silences and contrasts of colors, fascinating sensations, mastic perfume, where the green mountains kiss the crystal sea…a love born as a legend and kept secret in the course of time. Sardinia, a timeless dream, where colors origin before spreading, of old things and traditional values.
Mysterious poem which fascinates, seduces and attracts those landing in its shores and never want to leave….Sardinia, the welcoming island, opening its arms to those who let themselves be lulled…
Also a land of love and emotions for those who have chosen it as framework for their perfect day and for a romantic beach wedding, sun-kissed, and bewitched by the whispers of the waves or for a wedding in its magnificent archaeological sites where history recalls emotions among the ruins of old vestiges.
Or a wedding in a light-house nested among in ancient granites in a wild and pristine nature, among the scent of mastic and wild rose, swept by the sea breezes and surrounded by the immensity of the sea, where pledge everlasting love as everlasting is the landscape which will welcome the proposal.
A multi-sensorial wedding experience hard to forget. This is paradise.
This is Sardinia.
This is us.