Getting married in a country other than the one in which you live has always been in the dreams of many and today it is the new trend that was born in the Anglo-Saxon countries and is spreading quickly, also in Italy and Sardinia; chosen for their history, culture, artistry, landscape heritage, the romanticism of pristine places but also, for the good food and the wonderful hospitality will always distinguishes them from the rest of the world. This is how Sardinia, the pearl of the Mediterranean, with its extraordinary beauty, becomes an exclusive destination for those looking for locations that are the ideal setting to crown dreams and create unforgettable weddings, capable of leaving indelible memories, not only in the minds and hearts of the spouses but also in all those who were lucky enough to participate in the perfect event par excellence, on the day of the "yes", living a real "emotional experience", relaxed and pampered by a thousand details studied specifically for them. Borrowing the thought of Voltaire who says that "Love is a canvas formed by Nature and embroidered by our imagination and emotions", we can say that the "Destination Wedding" represents the choice of a destination for the wedding with its main aim being the emotion, a unique and special experience that stands out for its magic and intimacy. .. And here Nature does its part ... white and impalpable beaches in which to declare eternal love with the gentle music of the waves acting as a soundtrack, breathtaking scenery worthy of earthly paradise, enchanted green lush woods, also historical locations the legacy of a unique civilization ... what could be better than creating the perfect stage that represents the most intimate life and emotions of the spouses? The new trend is therefore to create, share and excite, so that the memory of that day is indelible in hearts and minds ... and remains there forever.