Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding has the technical and creative skills that allow it to personally create beautiful objects and decorative elements that represent the style and taste of their spouses.
It is a story telling sketched from the life stories of the prospective couples.
The art of designing is called wedding design, and starts with an idea and carries on right up until the realization of the final project.
Moving between emotions and concreteness, rationality and dreams, creativity and precision and high aesthetic standards, Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding takes care of every detail, from the scenography and the preparation of the event, to the laying of the tables, floral creations, choice of tablecloths and light design that creates extraordinary atmospheres giving a high emotional impact.
Above all their work will be highlighted by the personalized handmade creations that range from the handwritten calligraphies, mood board designs, renderings and creative mock ups, creating real model projects for the event.