Oggi Sposi & Italian Wedding Awards 2019 Antiche Carceri Castiadas
Castiadas, 2 November 2019.

Hundreds of people on Thursday 31st October gathered together at the Ancient prisons of Castiadas for "Oggi Sposi & Italian Wedding Awards (Fifty Shades of Wedding)", Sardinian qualifying round of the Italian Wedding Awards. This was the Oscar night where only the best in the Sardinian wedding sector were awarded.

A success by Alessia Ghisoni and Cinzia Murgia, event managers of Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding, who put their signature on a unique event: A Grand Gala in a nineteenth-century prison, one of the most important architectural jewels in Sardinia, it was a spectacular setting.

An event capable of transforming an ancient place of pain into a theatrical space able to welcome, excite and involve a large audience.

Oggi Sposi & Italian Wedding Awards.

The council of Castiadas welcomed the project with great enthusiasm, confident in the potential guaranteed by destination wedding for the promotion of the territory. "A success. I thank all the guests and the authorities who yesterday wanted to participate in such an important event for our council," said the mayor of Castiadas Eugenio Murgioni, "given the wonderful evening and the fabulous entertainment I really hope that this opportunity represents, for our area, the continuation of a prosperous season full of events of regional and national importance. "

"At the same time as the event, the shooting of a film made by Alessandra Usai and Nicola Menonni on the Ancient Prisons of Castiadas was taking place." We wanted to bring the history of the colony back to life by enhancing the site and respecting its authentic vocation. This is the first worldwide event held in a prison. Thanks to the authorities who believed in us and remained with us until the end, and to all the partners and collaborators who helped make this happen."

Words of thanks also for the president of the well fare comity of Castiadas Giovanna Pisanu for his collaboration, for Domenico Renna president of the Mariposa association and for Don Luigi Grecu for the availability of the church.

THE SPECIAL NIGHT. The award ceremony (conducted by Matteo Bruni) took place in the sacred space of San Basilide in the presence of Camelia Lambru and Mariangela Savonarota, organizers of the national Italian Wedding Awards who arrived to the event in a sparkling Cadillac. Super guest Gennaro Marchese makeup artist to the stars, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are two of his clients. Also present was Miss Italy Sardinia 2019 and 2018 Benedetta Casciano and Bianca Fusco of the Venus Dea of ​​Maurizio Ciaccio.

Here are the names of the contest winners:

For the Atelier Sposa Category the winner is Dama Atelier

For the Atelier Sposo category, Sartoria Modolo wins

Best Cake Designer is the Eden Pastry

Wedding Graphic Design invitations

Flower Designer Fioricoltura Loi and Roberto Delogu (equal merit)

Make Up Artist Carla Moro and Valeria Boncoraglio (equal merit)

Hair Stylist Davide Moro and houte coiffure (equal merit)

Wedding Planner (Carmela Muscas)

Photos Enrico Locci and Emiliano Masala (equal merit)

Jewels (Rosas 1945)

After the awards were given, the guests, in tuxedos and black suits with lace masks and red roses, were welcomed into the Ancient Prisons. A decisive role was played by the emotional staging. A luminous cage placed in the garden, right in front of the entrance to the penal colony, capable of accommodating dancers, this was used for interviews and photos with the authorities. While the facades of the complex were dressed in architectural and ambient lights (the work of Efisio and Alessio Ennas) that gave soul to an empty and abandoned place, together with thousands of flowers that embellished the church.

The cells, with the old Spartan beds once destined for the prisoners were transformed into comfortable relaxation areas with soft cushions. The corners were dedicated to the refined tastings of the best chefs, accompanied by wines from prestigious vineyards.

In the cells animated figures dressed as prisoners and guards were recreated. While on the upper floor the ancient hospital active at the time of the penal colony was faithfully rebuilt.

The choreography of the dancers from the Pittaluga dance school were unleashed with DJ Simon Luca on the console dancing until the early hours, adding even more excitement to the night.

THE NATIONAL COMPETITION. The winners then will carry on to the next stage to be held on 30th November in the magnificent Reggia di Venaria in Turin. Here in the magical atmosphere of the Galleria Grande and in the scenic chapel of Sant 'Uberto, the winners will be announced on a national basis for each category. A real Oscar night dedicated to elegance, refined taste, flavors and aromas that characterize the wonderful world linked to the most romantic day.

The event is therefore a strategic and unmissable showcase for Sardinia as a coveted destination for "Destination Wedding". In fact, wedding tourism offers the island extraordinary opportunities for development compared to that of seaside tourism. Sardinia, with its enchanted beaches and its rich corners of history and culture, offer a wide range of romantic and exclusive locations for those looking for the ideal place to say “yes.”

Alessia Ghisoni and Cinzia Murgia are the founders, planners, designers and art directors of the company Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding. The first entrepreneurs to bring the Wedding Experience to Sardinia, Alessia and Cinzia had the extraordinary intuition of proposing weddings on the beach and Wedding Tourism, giving notoriety and prestige to spaces never thought of before as a location for the magical " Yes.”

After 20 years of activity in Interior Design, event management and important professional experiences gained in various European cities such as Paris, Milan, Barcelona, ​​London and Geneva, Alessia and Cinzia are today two successful Event Managers expert in Destination Wedding and Luxury Wedding. They make dreams come true for the couples who wish to make their wedding day unforgettable, realizing fairytale events in the most exclusive and magical places of Sardinia.

Thanks to the commitment and talent of the two businesswomen, Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding has become a point of reference for excellence in the Wedding sector in Italy. In 2016 the Cagliari company was hailed among the best 150 wedding planners in the world, thus bringing Made in Sardinia to the world. In 2018 the two managers were confirmed as the only referents for Sardinia for the Italian Wedding Awards and 2019 saw them reaffirm themselves with great success among the wedding excellence sector at an international level.