A seminar, the theme world of wedding planning and wedding destinations was held on the 27th of April 2017 at the Corte in Giorgino. Sardinia top destination for weddings: this was the topic discussed in the first seminar organized on the island "The world of wedding planners and destination weddings: inspiring great opportunities for Sardinia".

The meeting was conceived and organized by Alessia Ghisoni and Cinzia Murgia of Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding and Delia Cualbu Marketing & Innovation Studio was held at La Corte in Giorgino on April the 27th, 2017, the aim was to emphasize the opportunities of the wedding destination system for foreign markets. An appointment aimed at all the players in the sector: wedding planners, tour operators, accommodation, and all operators who take care of every necessary detail to make the yes day wonderful, but also to those who want to approach the day with a theme. Getting married in a country other than the one in which you live, is the new trend born in the Anglo-Saxon countries that has been making its way over to Italy and Sardinia in recent years.

Celebrating a wedding in a place other than that of the official residence of the couple can represent a great occasion for the territory that hosts them. The key to everything?
It’s not only about the perfect managerial and organizational skills but also and above all the competence and knowledge of the territory in which it operates attracting foreign markets to this wonderful island. For years Oggi Sposi and Exclusive Wedding have been dealing not only with Wedding Planning and Luxury Weddings but proposing the territory as a unique experience that only can be realized here in Sardinia.
The three managers have joined forces and skills to offer the wedding market unique and fascinating places through the Sardinia Exclusive Wedding project, that came to life in Sardinia in 2015, the union of Wedding Planning and Destination Marketing is the result of high organizational skills, a careful evaluation of the territory, its exclusivity and the needs of the spouses, especially those from abroad. Tourism marketing when applied to the world of weddings requires a particular dedication because this type of event generates particular flows and with an important average stay (relatives and guests) it often happens that the destination simultaneously becomes a holiday destination with a longer stay if we compare it to the duration of the wedding itself.

The farther away the countries of origin, the more likely they are to stay for several days creating greater knowledge and greater opportunities, benefiting related industries and the economic well-being for the entire sector. It is no coincidence that the location chosen for the event is also the emblem of what Sardinia can offer, thanks to the historical value and the environment that surrounds it:
La Corte in Giorgino. A complex of considerable historical value rich in evidence of the life and culture of the city of Cagliari, where the church of S. Efisio is located and the martyr is welcomed, in what is the first stage of the long journey to the place of his martyrdom in Nora. Bound by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, for cultural, historic and artistic interest, the whole monumental complex includes the courtyard, the main house and other rooms, all perfectly restored to their former glory as historical and archaeological evidence can be seen of the life and culture of the city ​​of Cagliari and beyond.