The scent of the sea, the smell of salt air, the warmth of the sun, the beloved ones, the caresses of a father, the smiles of a mother, loving hands touching each other, the call of the wind in the valley, the music of the waves breaking on the keel of an old sailing vessel….these are the emotions returning in the mind and soul of who chose to live the perfect day in a whirl of emotions, pampered, cradled by the infinite sea, together with the guests who had the opportunity to be part of this event and experience unique feelings.

No one will forget it…a dream? That’s right…a magnificent dream, on a stunning “Caicco”, a gullet, off the coasts of Carloforte…a family of seafarers, lovers of the sea and of its mysteries who wanted to share with friends and closer relatives the emotion of an “I do”, with the sea breeze ruffing their hair.

“Nautical style” dress code, in the shades of blue, for guests and parents of the spouses, the sweet music of a violin as the soundtrack of the exchange of rings, in front of the captain, the tears on the faces, white seagulls flying in the clear blue sky.

Delicious seafood dishes and background music for an intimate dinner which gave moments of wonderful conviviality.

An event like this is made not only with magic but also with a perfect direction able to solve any kind of problem, monitoring timing, possible risks and guarantee an excellent result, required by the importance of the event.