Baptism is the first big event in life, a unique and unrepeatable moment and as such it must be managed.

Everything has to be designed, prepared, organized in minute details starting from the choice of the venue for the celebration.
…and what is better than a white, sandy beach, kissed by the sea and caressed by a gentle breeze?

No, it’s not a dream, everything was created for the little Maria Francesca who could enjoy such a paradise, in her big day, surrounded by relatives and friends, that excited, admired her while the seawater glided over her tiny head providing the Holy Sacrament of Baptism and when the priest raised her to the sky, presenting her as daughter of God, there was an explosion of voices, applauses and tears, for such a touching and unique moment that she will always remember. Naturally, as for a wedding, for the Baptism as well applies the rule that everything has to be tailormade, and for the little Maria Francesca a “Sweet and Glam” set was created, where all smelled like candy.

Among details of lights and pink fabrics, plays of children and fireworks, an undisputed magic was created…