Oggi Sposi & Fabulous Wedding, the first and only event in Sardinia dedicated to the "enchanted" Wedding where dreams come true. The direction of this special set has been masterfully curated by three extraordinary companies specialized in the sector of Multisensory Wedding, Style and Fashion, by joining together they have created a magical event that has never been thought of or planned before in Sardinia:

Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding by Alessia Ghisoni and Cinzia Murgia, Dama by Daniela Zucchi and Maria Francesca Sedda and Venus Dea by Maurizio Ciaccio. Enchanting brides, the warm swing of David Costantino with his extraordinary band The Italian Mood Project, played among thousands of fragrant flowers supplied by the well-known company Midi Flo, the award-winning floral art master Gavino Casu from the Italian Florist School with a special team of Sardinian florists. Design and planning had been studied in detail by Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding, who skillfully created a magnificent and suggestive scenographic setting in a "Cinderella Style".

Tastes of sweet and savory foods were prepared by Catering Più, Le Plus Bon, Pasticceria Eden and Leonildo Contis, accompanied by fine wines from the renowned Cantine Lilliu, Cantine Dolianova and Cantine Locci Zuddas, who delighted those present. At nightfall Villa Fanny was dressed in fantastic architectural lights made by Stand Up, a leading company in the events sector, while the garden was embellished with the furnishings of the prestigious Spazio Kaos the expert rental design company. There were many moments of entertainment and art that animated the event through the display of magic and bubbles by Andrea Fiori Artist, the evocative "fairy tale in dance" created by the ballet dancers of the prestigious Assunta Pittaluga School of Dance, the Hypnotic performance of Fluo bubbles by Irina Kizlo of the Blowing Bubbles Show and again the amazing final party curated by the famous DJ Sandro Murru.

   To give even more value to the event, the presence of actors, performers and models gave life to the fairytale "Cinderella", the role of Cinderella was played by Stefania Secci, the beautiful "Prince" Emilio Puggioni and the small "mice" friends of Cinderella, Maria Francesca Careddu, Viola Murgioni, Denise Meloni, Alice and Giulia Colombo, Doriana Cuccovillo, Melissa Rundeddu. Godmother of the Miss Sardinia Italy event, who for the occasion wore the persuasive "Araxi" perfume with a Sardinian soul. On the final evening, "Pasta Time" offered by the Cellino family and curated by Chef Flavio Mariotti of Catering Più.

Between moments of Wedding Work in Progress where the brides in waiting were able to experience a preview of their wedding through make-up and hairstyle tests thanks to Moro Immagine and Attilio Secchi Parrucchieri and the Wedding Photo Set curated by Emiliano Masala photographer, where in a magnificent setting enhanced by a Floral Backdrop created with thousands of fragrant flowers, the magnificent moments of the two days have been immortalized, time stopped at that moment but we kept on dreaming and we wished it would never end. The magic was also shared by the international glossy magazine Elle Spose that wrote about the sensations and suggestions created.