Bob Marongiu, Sardinian artist, well-known worldwide for his “unique and alternative” art, got married with her fiancé Jenny, and chose Fonni as location, to make the “perfect day” unforgettable.
The highest municipality in Barbagia was chosen as exceptional location for the Fall Wedding, on November 13th 2016.
An unique scenery chosen by the Sardinian artist that became famous thanks to his “Neo Hippy Pop” donkeys, symbols of his attachment to our country.

It was a unique event, intended to remain in the memories not only of the guests.
It was not a conventional ceremony: in addition to friends and relatives of the spouses, many famous people and Sardinian artists were invited and animated the day.
The operational management was entrusted to Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding by Alessia Ghisoni and Cinzia Murgia, professionals in planning and wedding design, in cooperation with the manager Delia Cualbu, from Fonni, who was responsible for the communication and for marking this special event with the peculiarity of the territory.
An unconventional wedding, in perfect hippy style, with special set-ups.
All with the scents and beauty of the Barbagia village. For the first time, two people non-residents decided to celebrate their wedding in Fonni, and the choice was not accidental.
Bob was enchanted by the exclusive location, which perfectly matched the spirit of the spouses and that offered an unique experience thanks to the spectacularity that the territory offered in Fall. A perfect 1970s style, bohemian-chic, flower petals, daisies, natural wood, colorful clothes, in a ancient scenery, in the heart of Fonni, the highest village in Sardinia, among Su Barraccu and the Cualtu Hotel (a rebuild “Pinnettu”, the traditional hut of Sardinian shepherds) and Gremanu, the most ancient aqueduct in the Island, dating back to the pre-nuragic time.

Two ceremonies celebrated in two unique locations. The first, full of joy, in a small and welcoming room heated by a warm fireplace and by the warmth of relatives and friends that embraced the civil rite officiated by the major Ms Daniela Falconi; the second, rich in pathos and ancestral rite, on the Gennargentu mountains, among ancient stones and the sound of the wind, that here seemed to sing melodies.
Transform an oneiric vision in reality, in a fascinating venue, it was a surprised the spouses and their guests that after a long way, found themselves in front of a surprise, hidden till that moment.
This is what we need to promote of our Island: thousands of sceneries like this one, where the wedding speak of hospitalities, flavours, tradition and history.