These were days of intense magic through the ancient rooms and the beautiful garden of Villa Fanny, on February 4th and 5th 2017, in a perfect film style that charmed all the visitors of “Oggi Sposi &…Luxury Wedding”, the first event in Sardinia dedicated to the wedding as a experiential path, where the Perfect Day came to life in all its details from the first “ Action”.

It was like to be on a real movie set, a continuous succession of twists and romantic moments: several events inside the main event which welcomed the visitors in a whirl of emotions.
Breathtaking brides, Schubert “Ave Maria” divinely executed by a soprano, thousands of fragrant roses to decorate every corner of Villa Fanny, tastings of sweets and savory accompanied each moment of the twoday event. And at nightfall the Villa dressed up thanks to the stage installation and plays of lights and fire than “invaded” the garden creating a great effect scenography.

And among moments of Wedding “Work in Progress”, where the brides-to-be were able to have a preview of a wedding moment, wearing the bridal dress, or trying a bridal make-up and hair-do, they brought home a photo of this special preview; and musical interludes that have accompanied wedding product presentations, time seemed to have stopped, as it happens when you enjoy a movie and you don’t want it to end. A magic that has captured the international magazine Elle Spose, that with its presence brought the event, Villa Fanny and Cagliari up to attention of those, also outside Sardinia, that could admire it and desire to choose this destination for their wedding.
As in a movie. The most beautiful wedding is usually that one seen on the screen, that made us dream the most. Marvelous clothes, perfect and enchanting sceneries where love plays the leading role. This is why the event’s organizers, Oggi Sposi & Exclusive Wedding by Alessia Ghisoni and Cinzia Murgia, Delia Cualbu's Marketing and Innovation Studio, DAMA by Daniela zucchini and Maria Francesca Sedda, Maurizio Ciaccio’s Venus Dea, decided to let the intended spouses dream, setting a two-day event where to prove themselves for the perfect day.